[Cyberpanel] Backup and restore data

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CyberPanel supports one-click backup/restore for your accounts.

[Cyberpanel] Backup and restore data

Using the web interface

How to backup

Backing up the entire website account is very simple.

Main » Backup » Create Backup

  1. Select the website from the list that you want to back up.
  2. Select a backup destination.
  3. Click ‘Create Backup’ ( Create Backup ).

It will take some time depending on how much space your account is using.

The backup location is:/home/<domain name>/backup

Note:  You can close the window and come back later to check the backup creation status.

Restore a backup

Backup restore only works with backups created through the backup creation tool in CyberPanel.

Main » Backup » Restore Backup

Put your backup files in/home/backup/

This will detect all the files inside /home/backup/.It may take some time, you can also leave the window and come back later to check.

Using CLI

1. Make a backup

cyberpanel createBackup --domainName cyberpanel.net

The process will not exit until the backup is complete, meanwhile, the status will be printed back to the screen. you can press Ctrl + C to cancel the backup process, all backup data will be temporarily saved in /home/<doamin>/backup. You will need to delete this data to avoid full memory.

2. Restore a backup

cyberpanel restoreBackup --fileName filename

Please note that the backup file can be the absolute path to the backup file or just the filename if the file is in /home/backup

So if your backup file is in /home/domain.com/backup/backupfile.tar.gz , you will need to provide the complete absolute path, otherwise the file will not be detected.

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